Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Single-Crystal Growth

Funding: Department of Energy

Basic and applied materials science will be performed to understand and achieve the synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotube crystals in order to verify or disprove the results recently reported in Science 292, 1136 (2001). Methods will be developed to pattern deposits of fullerene molecules and metal catalysts into various, well-defined patterns for subsequent thermolysis (e.g. the lithographic-patterning of alternating layers of thin films of metal and fullerenes in the shape of disks such that the disks are aligned with one another and only a few nanometers thick). In addition to evaporatively-deposited C60/Ni multilayer films, various other catalysts and fullerenes (or other carbon feedstocks) may be explored, as well as different geometries. Samples will be annealed to temperatures of at least 950°C through different thermal cycling methods. The effects of magnetic and electric fields on growth will be explored. Single-wall carbon nanotube crystal growth will be assessed through high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and other techniques.
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