Richard E. Smalley (1943-2005)
University Professor, Gene and Norman Hackerman Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics & Astronomy, 1996 Nobel Prize Winner.

Rick Smalley's research group at Rice typically includes students from a broad range of disciplines, especially chemistry, physics, biochemistry, materials science, chemical and electrical engineering. The group is always looking for bright young graduate students and postdoctoral associates to join in research at the frontiers of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Job Opportunities

Research in the group is concentrated on single walled carbon nanotubes, a.k.a. "buckytubes". When made with molecular perfection these tubular fullerenes offer revolutionary electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties on the nanometer scale. The goal of the group is to develop the underlying basic science, as well as the methods of production, purification, derivitization, analysis, and assembly of these wonderful objects to hasten the day when they are used to solve real world problems.

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"Autobiography." R. E. Smalley. Le Prix Nobel (1997), (1997).

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