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The NanoKids™ educational outreach program, headed by Dr. James M. Tour, Chao Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory at Rice University, is dedicated to increasing public knowledge of the nanoscale world and the emerging molecular research and technology that is rapidly expanding internationally. Based on actual anthropomorphic molecules synthesized in the laboratory, the NanoKids™ visual concept utilizes universally recognized forms exhibiting human characteristics to instruct, motivate, and entertain.

  • To significantly increase students’ comprehension of chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science at the molecular level.
  • To provide teachers with conceptual tools to teach nanoscale science and emerging molecular technology.
  • To demonstrate that art and science can combine to facilitate learning for students with diverse learning styles and interests.
  • To generate informed interest in nanotechnology that encourages participation in and funding for research in the field.


The 2006 - 2007 School Year

 Project Details

Evaluation Results


Building molecules

Dr. Tour's Vision

Technology in the Classroom

How small is one-billionth of a meter?

This work was supported in part by the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative of the National Science Foundation NSF Award Number EEC-0118007 and NSF Award Number CTS-0236281
Additional funding provided by a cooperative agreement #NCC-01-0203 awarded to the Texas Engineering Experiment Station with subcontract #68371


Orbit for more info: nanokids@rice.edu | © 2007 Rice University

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