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 Aktis: (Aktis is a Greek word that means beam or ray, from which the element Actinium (Ac) was named.) Even-keeled and centered.  He’s bright, but gentle.  He tries to serve as the anchor to the group and always makes sure to smooth the waters and clarify concepts. As the first molecule synthesized and the first to arrive in the NanoLoft, he takes on the role of big brother.
Marski Marski: (Marski was taken from the word, Samarskite, a mineral from which the element Samarium (Sm) was named.)  Energetic, fun, bright, and quick-witted.  She has a snappy sense of humor, but it never is degrading or unproductive.  She is highly capable and is usually the first one to take action.  She has an inclination toward corporal kinetics to demonstrate physical concepts.  She does get bored and she uses her humor as a tool to get her through the lulls of the day.  When she truly ‘gets into’ a project, her energy is radiant and inspiring.


Dyspro:  (Dyspro is from the Greek word dysprositos meaning hard to get at, from which the element Dysprosium (Dy) was named.)  Modeled on NanoJester, this side-kick of NanoMonarch—Argos, is always losing his head over something, both figuratively and sometimes literally.    He tends to be melodramatic, and is most comfortable clowning about at the center of attention.  Most of the time, YOU find Dyspro slightly outside your comfort zone, and we are part of his struggle to gain a footing within the investigative team. 


Argos: (Argos is a Greek word meaning inactive from which the element Argon (Ar) was named.)  A member of the stately band of NanoMonarchs, her highness is not shy about her elevated opinion of herself. Argos relishes in being correct and leading the pack at least in her mind.

You You: (The student viewer) NanoScholar becomes YOU the student viewer upon entering the NanoLoft. You will investigate and explore the world of atoms and molecules at the nanometer scale along with the NanoKids.  You share each adventure and learn from first-hand experience.


 NanoDog: Lovable, over-worked nerd.  He takes care of all the business needs in the NanoLoft (procuring atoms, etc…) behind the scenes and keeps things running smoothly.  He has an indelible sense of fun and often provides comic relief.  He’s highly kinetic—if sometimes slightly clumsy—and genuinely enjoys his world.  He is very personable and as such is often in the scene.  Eager.  He often takes on the role of educator.

Prasia: (Not modeled yet) As a fierce advocate of environmental protection, Prasia is known as NanoGreenBeret.  She is constantly on missions to learn about ways in which the environment is affected by humans and other creatures.  She is a no-nonsense defender of nature who takes her role as caretaker and teacher very seriously.  She addresses the other NanoKids as a Marine drill-sergeant might address new recruits, but does not require a boot-camp mentality.




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