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2006 Poster Competition

Congratulations to our 2006 winners:

First Place: Planning with safety guarantees for networks of exploring vehicles (Poster #3)

Second Place: Throughput and Coverage Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks (Poster #30)

Third Place: Analysis of Free Energy Surfaces of Large Protein Motions through Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction (Poster #5)

No. Title  Authors


Explicit and Symbolic Complementation of Automata on Infinite Words Deian Tabakov and Moshe Y. Vardi
2 Concurrent Direct Network Access for Virtual Machine Monitors Paul Willmann, Jeff Shafer, Scott Rixner, and Alan Cox
3 Planning with safety guarantees for networks of exploring vehicles Kostas E. Bekris, Konstantinos Tsianos, and Lydia E. Kavraki
4 Scheduling Tasks to Maximize Usage of Aggregate Variables in Place Samah Abu-Mahmeed, Ken Kennedy, Cheryl McCosh, and Zoran Budimlic
5 Analysis of Free Energy Surfaces of Large Protein Motions through Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction Hernan Stamati, Payel Das, Mark Moll, Cecilia Clementi, and Lydia Kavraki
6 Advances in Predicting Protein Conformational Ensembles at Equilibrium: A Multi-scaling Framework Amarda Shehu, Cecilia Clementi, and Lydia E. Kavraki
7 Node Based Performance Analysis of Highly Optimized Modular Programs Nathan Tallent, John Mellor-Crummey, Nathan Froyd, and Rob Fowler
8 Deriving Components from Genericity James Sasitorn and Robert "Corky" Cartwright
9 Fully Wild Java  Moez A. Abdel-Gawad and Robert "Corky" Cartwright
10 Filtering News Articles for Conflict Prediction with Naive Bayes Derek Singer and Devika Subramanian
11 Measurement-Based Analysis, Modeling, and Synthesis of the Internet Delay Space Bo Zhang, T. S. Eugene Ng, Animesh Nandi, Rudolf Riedi, Peter Druschel and Guohui Wang
12 Extending the Interfacing Capability of Mobile Systems with a Wireless Body-Area Network (WBAN) Ahmad Rahmati and Lin Zhong
13 Applications of u-bases in Geometry Modeling Ning Song
14 Effective server selection using virtual coordinates Guohui Wang, Tze Sing Eugene Ng, and Evan Stade
15 From Coarse-Grain to All-Atom: Towards Multiscale Analysis of Protein Landscapes Allison P Heath, Cecilia Clementi, and Lydia E. Kavraki
16 PhyloNet: Analyzing Reticulate Evolution Cuong Than, Derek Ruths, and Luay Nakhleh
17 Uccello: A Model for Supporting Higher-order, Generative Programming in Visual Languages Gregory Malecha and Walid Taha
18 Compiler Optimizations for High-Level Parallel Programming Languages Mackale Joyner, Zoran Budimlic, and Ken Kennedy
19 RMAC: A Routing-Enhanced Duty-Cycle MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Shu Du, Amit Kumar Saha, and David B. Johnson
20 E-FRP With Priorities Roumen Kaiabachev and Walid Taha
21 Adaptive Compilation Insights into Compiler Implementation Jeff Sandoval and Keith Cooper
22 What is a Process? Moshe Vardi and Sumit Nain
23 Practical Tools for Testing for Large Concurrent Programs Professor Robert "Corky" Cartwright and Mathias Ricken
24 An OKAPI-Based Approach for Aritcle Filtering in Ares Benedict Lee, Cuong Than, and Devika Subramanian
25 The Tunable Graph-Coloring Register Allocation for LLVM Compiler Donghua Liu
26 Predicting Pathways Involved in Cancer Derek Ruths, Jen-Te Tseng, Luay Nakhleh, and Prahlad Ram
27 Ares Event Data System Clement Pang, Benedict Lee, and Devika Subramanian
28 A Motion Planner for a Hybrid Robotic System with Kinodynamic Constraints Erion Plaku, Moshe Y. Vardi, and Lydia E. Kavraki
29 Compiling for Increasing On-chip Parallelism Yuan Zhao and Ken Kennedy
30 Throughput and Coverage Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks Amit Saha and David B. Johnson
31 Scalable Parallel Performance Data Management and Analysis Adam Bordelon, Rob Fowler, Bradley Broom, and Ken Kennedy
32 Seeding Incentives in BitTorrent Seth James Nielson and Dan S. Wallach
33 Cavity-Aware Motifs Reduce False Positives Brian Chen, Drew Bryant, Viacheslav Fofanov, Amanda Cruess, David Kristensen, Marek Kimmel, Olivier Lichtarge, and Lydia Kavraki
34 A Compiler for the R Language John Garvin and John Mellor-Crummey
35 Elections in the Auditorium: Networking voting machines for auditability Daniel Sandler, Kyle Derr, Ted Torous, and Dan S. Wallach
36 Systematic Approach in Modeling and Simulating Mobile Robots Angela Y. Zhu, Walid Taha

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