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Vardi Forges US, European Collaboration

June 7, 2002-In a 'hands across the waters' research effort, Professor Moshe Y. Vardi is involved in a Research Training Network on "Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation."

This project is funded jointly by the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Community, and by the National Science Foundation. While the Research Training Network program is essentially European, the Rice team was invited to join the network due to its specialized expertise.

Led by Vardi, and also including Professor Phokion Kolaitis of UC Santa Cruz, and Professor Orna Kupferman of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Rice team will provide a novel set of techniques for the synthesis and validation of computing systems for the European Community's Fifth Framework Programme. Erich Graedel of Aachen University of Technology leads the international collaboration.

"As computerized systems become larger, more complex and increasingly distributed, there is a growing need for formal methods that guarantee their reliability, correctness and efficiency," Vardi said. The Rice team will address this challenge by developing specifications and validation methodologies based on games, automata and logic.

The seven European universities involved in this project are:

The Kick-Off Meeting will be held September 26-28, 2002, in Edinburgh.

Vienna Awaits McMahan

As part of the "Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation" project's training program, graduate student Ben McMahan, a member of Vardi's Computer Aided Verification and Reasoning Group, will conduct research for two months in summer 2002 at the Vienna University of Technology under the direction of Georg Gottlob.

While in Austria, McMahan hopes to interact with the people there about their research, and continue his project that looks at the relationship between conjunctive-query containment in database systems and constraint satisfaction in artificial intelligence.

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