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Why Join Us?

ICON Membership

  • Association with one of the world’s premier nanoscale science and engineering centers
  • Improved access to internationally-renowned CBEN expert researchers
  • Enrollment in and sponsorship opportunities for CBEN Professional and Continuing Education courses
  • Access to top students for internships and employment through a CBEN database
  • Access to CBEN research results and state-of-the-art ideas, concepts, and methods through preprints of papers, discussions with researchers, and similar communications
  • Opportunities to advance MEMBER’S product development needs through collaborative studies with CBEN researchers, fellow members, and government agencies
  • Involvement in Specialized Interest Groups focused on development and application of technologies
  • Networking opportunities with other member organizations
  • Access to CBEN shared experimental facilities and equipment on a fee-based basis
  • Membership in CBEN’s Industrial Advisory Board providing input on CBEN research, educational outreach, and technology transfer
  • Invitations to CBEN conferences, seminars, and annual meetings
  • Copy of CBEN Annual Report
  • Nanotechnology Education and Analysis services aimed at technical, business, or other audiences as required by MEMBER, not to exceed two person-days per year of membership. Travel, supplies, or other direct expenses incurred must be paid by MEMBER. This benefit is not cumulative.
  • MEMBER’S logo on the CBEN Industrial Affiliates web site with a link to MEMBER’S Web site; OR MEMBER’s logo on the ICON web site with a link to MEMBER’S web site
  • Listing on promotional materials for some CBEN activities
  • Visiting Scientist opportunities in CBEN research activities
  • Priority invitation to ICON events
  • ICON member newsletter
  • Company visit by ICON staff annually
  • Support of CBEN-ICON outreach activities for effective nanotechnology risk communication

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This work is supported in part by the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative of the National Science Foundation
under NSF Award Number EEC-0118007.

Rice University