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ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology
ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology
ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology ICON - International Council on Nanotechnology

The International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) is the only global organization aimed at providing interactions among a broad set of global stakeholders to create a sustainable nanotechnology industry. ICON activities ensure effective nanotechnology stewardship through risk assessment, research and communication. ICON strives to provide a wide range of synergistic projects that serve the interests of all stakeholders. ICON Program - benefits of ICON membership include participation in the governance of the organization, informational advising on issues of nanotechnology regulation and risk assessment, and access to a worldwide network of nanotechnology stakeholders within ICON who are committed to ensuring the responsible development of the industry. Most critically, ICON membership funds are directed only toward approved ICON activities and are the only sources of support for many of the policy activities most desperately needed by the industry. The International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) hopes you find the information presented on these ICON pages useful.
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ICON News   

Friends of the Earth launches Emerging Technology Project (Friends of the Earth - Australia)
FoE Australia
25 August 2014

How to identify nanomaterials in food (Nanowerk Spotlight)
Nanowerk Spotlight
EHS Database Entry
22 August 2014

Nanoparticles in sunblock pose potential hazard to sea life (Nanowerk News)
Nanowerk News
EHS Database Entry
20 August 2014

Doctors Claim New Evidence That Nanotechnology Can Make Workers Sick (Forbes)
18 August 2014

Are nanoparticles worth the risks? (Straight.com)
Straight.com News/Commentary
13 August 2014

Ingested nanoparticles may damage liver (Nanowerk News)
Nanowerk News
EHS Database Entry
11 August 2014

Graphene Surprises By Decomposing (C&ENews)
Link to Paper Abstract
01 August 2014

German Environment Agency assesses Carcinogenicity and Mutagenicity of Nanoparticles (NIA News & Alerts)
Nanotechnology Industries Association
Link to Report
31 July 2014

Nanotechnology and tyres: Greening industry and transport (OECD)
Link to Report
29 July 2014

Items of Interest   

How Nanotechnology Is Gaining Momentum In Manufacturing (Forbes)
26 August 2014

Nanotechnology in agriculture (Nanowerk Spotlight)
Nanowerk Spotlight
EC Report Link
25 August 2014

BASF’s Tinosorb A2B Nanoparticle-Sized UV Filter Receives EU Approval for Use in Cosmetics (Azonano.com)
BASF News Link
19 August 2014

RIT receives grant from NSF to research environmental impacts of nanomaterials (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Rochester Institute of Technology
18 August 2014

Eco-friendly ‘Pre-fab Nanoparticles’ Could Revolutionize Nano Manufacturing (UMass Amherst)
UMass Amherst
14 August 2014

Biodistribution of carbon nanotubes in the body (The Innovation Society)
The Innovation Society
EHS Database Entry
13 August 2014

European Industry Associations Call for Balanced Policy on Nanomaterials (NOECT Blog)
Nano and Other Emerging Chemical Technologies Blog
Link to Brochure
12 August 2014

Subcommittee Examines Breakthrough Nanotechnology Opportunities for America (Energy & Commerce Committee)
US House Energy & Commerce Committee
30 July 2014

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View Latest NanoEHS Research Literature Citations at Virtual Journal (ICON)
Virtual Journal Link
07 October 2013

OSHA Sponsored Training Course on Introduction to Nanomaterials and Occupational Health: Module Presentation Slides Posted at GoodNanoGuide
GoodNanoGuide Link
01 January 2013

NIEHS Report: Training Workers on Risks of Nanotechnologies
Download Report
01 January 2013

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