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Advisory Board

ICON's Advisory Board includes representatives from large and small corporations, government agencies, academic institutions and non-governmental groups from around the world.  The list will be continually updated as new Advisory Board members are added to ICON.

Jim Alwood (EPA)

Masafumi Ata (AIST, Japan)

David Berube (North Carolina State University) 

Carolyn Cairns (Consumers Union)

Thomas Epprecht (Swiss Reinsurance Company)

Mike Garner (Intel)

Tracy Hester  (Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP)

Amy Jones (Lockheed Martin)

Barbara Karn (EPA)

Junji Kitaguchi (Mitsubishi Corporation)

Mark Lafranconi (Procter & Gamble)

Andrew Maynard (University of Michigan)

Terry Medley (DuPont)

Mary Beth Miller (Unidym)

Sean Murdock  (Nanobusiness Alliance)

Günter Oberdörster (Univ of Rochester)

Christine Peterson  (Foresight Institute)

Vivian Ota Wang (National Nanotechnology Coordination Office)

Jens Poschet (Sandia National Laboratories)

Francis Quinn (L’Oréal)

Hideo Shindo (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee)

Vicki Stone (Napier University, UK)

Masahiro Takemura (National Institute for Materials Science - NIMS, Japan)

Clayton Teague (National Nanotechnology Coordination Office)

Treye Thomas (CPSC)

Maw-Kuen Wu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Rafael Zarate (SIMAPAG, Mexico)


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This work is supported in part by the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative of the National Science Foundation
under NSF Award Number EEC-0118007.

Rice University